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Part # Description
50182Shoe Base Pad-Green-33/32-IN Floor
50245Shoe Base Pads-9/16-IN (2)
50243Shoe Base Pads-PM-33/32-IN (2)
50242Shoe Base-PM-33/32-IN
50244Shoe Base-PM-9/16-IN
2286Shoe Base Spacer 1/16-IN
40230Shoe, Flooring Thin
50113Shoekit PM Face
47067Shoe Pad
47128Shoe Pad
50125Shoe PM T And G
40043Shoe Screws,4/Pack
47090Shoe; Wide Pre-Finished
40241Shoulder Screw - 402 (Includes Nut)
47581Shuttle; Pusher(10081)
46021Spacer - Cylinder
46117Spacer - Cylinder
27446Spacer - Nailer Body
827446Spacer; Nailer Body
50448Spindle Cap

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