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Part # Description
WL52230180 Degrees Arc Reflector Shield
111205Wobble Light JR. 85W Fluorescent
Part # Description
WL62270100 W Metal Halide Bulb
111915105W Fluorescent Replacement Bulb
11102003120W Electronic Ballast
D052199120W Fluorescent Bulb
D052195175W Metal Halide Replacement Bulb
WL62230180 Degree Arc Reflector Shield JR
D052198500W Halogen Replacement Bulb
11108044Ballast Clip Screw
11108040Body Lock Unit
11108045Body Screw, 1/4X7/8 Allen HD(3/16)
111903Bulb 400W Metal Halide
111908Bulb 85W Fluorescent
11101003Capacitor, 175
11101009Capacitor, 400
11108069Capacitor Bracket 175W/250W/40W
11108110Circuit Breaker
11108037Counter Weight, 120/500
11108038Counter Weight, 175/250/400

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