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Part # Description
LPA3030Regulator And Hose Assem
LPA3070Regulator And Hose Assem
LPA2025Regulator/Connector Asse
107850 01Relay Solid State
M22456 3Rotor; Pump 3/4IN
M27694Screw; Adjusting
FHPF3 5CScrew Fillister Head 10-
M10659-1Seal Nozzle
M10809-1Seal Nozzle
099538 01Thermocouple 18IN W/2IN Lead
8301Thermocoupler F/Allpro Heater
M51151 01Tube Fuel Line
M51151 02Tube Fuel Line
M51345 04Tubing Rubber
M51345 12Tubing Rubber
M51345 06Tubing; Rubber
M51345 01Tubing; Rubber Fuel Line
097155 01Valve; Automatic Control

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