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Tamco Inc - Hydraulic Tools

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Part # Description
410601650Butt (Iron) T-6
34SR-85Butt Screw
S5530Butt Screw
137503005Cap - Inline Oiler TJ15 TJ20
WF182-A10ACasing Assembly
WF182-27Casing Lock Nut
134904004CD Plug NPTF 1/2 CD20
136603005Center Grip Handle TJ20
410601280Center Valve Plate T-6
TOKU-LRCHHMR53Chipping Hammer 3-IN Stroke
TOKUK2L-HRChipping Hammer(6).580 HX SHK
TOKUK2L-RRChipping Hammer(6#).680 RD SHK
SF-963125Chipping HAMMERHSOR2-IN Stroke
SF-963135Chipping HAMMERHSOR3-IN Stroke
SF-K2LRChipping Hammer Rsor 8#
C10514Chisel Holder Assembly
P-050933Chisel Sleeve
R-278112Chuck Bushing For CP-500
Y1010624AChuck CP (W/Guide Nut)

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