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Part # Description
538752-HR Drop IN Desktop Charger
56531Charger CLS Multi-Unit 6 Radios
RLN6309Charger RDX Multi-Unit 6 Radios
RLN6303Cloning Cable
HCNN4006ACLS Lithium Ion Rechargeable
P4500MEar Loop W/Press To Talk
CLS1110Radio UHF 1 Channel, 1 Watt 2 Way
CLS1410Radio UHF 4 Channel, 1 Watt 2 Way
RMU2040Radio UHF 4 Channel, 2 Watt 2 Way
RMU2080Radio UHF 8 Channel, 2 Watt 2 Way
RMV2080Radio VHF 8 Channel, 2 Watt 2 Way
RLN6304RDX 2-Hour Rapid Charger Kit
RLN6307RDX 3" Spring Action Belt Clip
RLN6302RDX Leather Case W/Swivel Belt
RLN6351RDX Standard Battery, Lithium Ion
RLN6308RDX Ultra High Capacity Lion Batt.
PMLN6384RM Multi-Unit Charger, 6 Radios
PMNN4497Standard Battery Li Ion, CLS
HKLN4510Swivel Holster W/Belt Clip

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