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Part # Description
101732 04Kit; Thermal Switch
GA183Kit Thermocouple
HA1206Kit Wheel PP233
099521 01Motor
PP206Nozzle HA3006
099177 01Nut Hexagon
098817 02Pilot & Ignition Unit
098867 04Regulator; Gas
M12462 16Relay
M12462 5Relay
097491 01Relay Power
M12461 31Screw Hex SLT WSR 10-
M10908 1Screw Hex WSR Head Tapping
M11084 26Screw; HWH Ab 10-16 X .3
M11084 27Screw; HWH Ab 10-16 X .5
M12461 34Screw HX SLT WSR 10-3
M12345 33Screw Ovl Phil 10-24
M15823 27Screw; PHWH B 10-16 X 0.5
097952 01Switch Assembly

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