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Part # Description
K-8910Casing 10'
K-9310Casing 10'
K-9314Casing 14'
W402558Concrete Vibrator Backpack
704030-KConcrete Vibrator Kit, 10' 15A,
C-9010Core 10'
C-9210Core 10'
C-9214Core 14'
W989-512Core And Casing 10' W/Adapter
CK-9505Core And Casing 5-FT
CK-9507Core And Casing 7-FT
750-EHHead 1"
750-FIHead 1-3/8"
750-LIHead 2"
WSS2G1TMotor 15A Grounded 3 Wire
W423-500Quick Disconnect Adapter
514-BShaft Grease
Part # Description
41-5209Arm Assembly
41-5509Armature(Inc. Bear) 3HP
873-140Assembly Hex Head 1 3/8-IN

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