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Jet Equipment - Air Tools

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Part # Description
JSH275-31Back Frame Cover
JSH275-28Back Frame Gasket
P61111Back HD
P91211Back HD
P61123Back HD Bolt Nut
PH24-13-01Back Head
PB30-11NBack Head Assy 41020148J
MEP0013103Back Stop
MEP0013146Back Stop
JRD700-017Bakelite Plate
PTXH2748-093Balance Arm
JSJ3S-P06Ball (B550004) JSJ-3S
JSJ3S-P24Ball (B550009) JSJ-3S
JSJ3S-09Ball (B550106) JSJ-3S
AB1012W-E51Ball Bearing
OR812-61Ball Bearing
OR812-66Ball Bearing
OR812-96Ball Bearing
16024Ball Bearing 16024

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