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Port-A-Cool - Ventilation

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Part # Description
SPRAY-CYC-02Spray Bar For Cyclone 2000 Unit
SPRAY-CYC-01Spray Bar For Cyclone Unit
PARPUMP01640ASubmersible Pump 1/6HP F/24,36
CTL-3SPD-02Switch, Replacement
SENSOR-TEMP-11Temperature Sensor Kit
UPRIGHTS-48Upright For 48-IN Unit
CTRL-VAR/SPEEDVariable Speed Control Switch
BOX-UL-03Variable-Speed Electrical Box
VENT16-INJ-01Venturi For 16-IN Fan
Part # Description
PAC-CVR-0416-IN VT/JS-Weather Cover
PAC-ACC-30Cart For 16-IN Units
CORD-WRAP-KITCord Wrap Kit For All Port-A-Cool
PAC-CVR-02Cover For 16-IN Units (Except
PAC-CVR-01Cover For 36-IN And 24-IN Units
PAC-CVR-03Cover For 48-IN Units
PAC-ADP-16Ducting Adaptor For 16-IN Units
FLOATSWITCH-KITFloat Switch Kit F/Portacool
PAC-FRAME-16Frame And Filter For 16-IN Units
PAC-FRAME-24Frame And Filter For 24-IN Units
PAC-FRAME-36Frame And Filter For 36-IN Units

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