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Port-A-Cool - Ventilation

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Part # Description
LOUVERS-CYC-11Louvers W/Mesh-Cyclone 2000
LOUVERS-CYC-16Louvers W/Mesh-Cyclone 3000
MK-47Mineral Treatment F/Port-A-Cool
FAN-ACC-02Motor 3 Speed Fan
PARMTRH3600AMotor; Hurricane 360
MOTOR-MNT-48Motor Mount For 48-IN Unit
FLAP-05Pad Flap Cyclone
TROUGH-02Pad Trough For 24-IN Unit
TROUGH-01Pad Trough For 36-IN Unit
TROUGH-03Pad Trough For 48-IN Unit
FAN-ASSM-01Plastic Blade & Hub Assy For 36-IN
PAC-PLB-02Plumbing For 24-IN; 36-IN; 48-IN
POWERCORD-02FPower Cord 10-FT Brass Nut/Washer
POWERCORD-03Power Cord 10-FT W/ SS Nut/Washer
POWERCORD-02Power Cord 10' W/Strain Relief
POWERCORD-01Power Cord 16FT W/Strain Releif
PRES-REG-01Pressure Regulator 40-50 PSI
CAPACITOR-01Psu 25-30 Capacitor
PULLEY-3.75Pulley 3.75 O.D. Pulley
PUMP-ACC-13Pump Brace

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