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Tsurumi Pump - Pumps & Hoses

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Part # Description
SW3211Stop Switch
023-489-11Strainer KTZ47.5/411
023-425-19Strainer Stand
023-453-16Strainer Stand
023-503-12Strainer Stand
023-547-18Strainer Stand
144-101-14Stud Bolt
144-560-15Stud Bolt For New LB2-400
144-000-57Stud Bolt M10X124
P3309AY-AISuct Conn & Grove Pin Asy
022-000-58Suction Cover
022-001-28Suction Cover
022-300-14Suction Cover
022-673-11Suction Cover
022-673-24Suction Cover
1021-009NASuction Flange
202-200-50Suction Flange
801-013ASuction Flange

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