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Axxiom MFG - Surface Preparation

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Part # Description
3026-008-06Bushing; Iron 1-1/2-IN X 1-IN
3026-004-02Bushing; Iron 1/2-IN X 1/4-IN
3026-009-08Bushing; Iron 2-IN X 1-1/2-IN
3026-005-02Bushing; Iron 3/4-IN X 1/4-IN
3026-011-08Bushing; Iron 3-IN X 2-IN
3026-504-02Bushing; Plated 1/2-IN X 1/4-IN
3026-502-00Bushing Plated 1/4X1/8 IN
3026-503-02Bushing; Plated 3/8-IN X 1/4-IN
7136-105-01Button; Pushlock Turn Reset
7007-519-02Cam Lock HNDL Assy 5 Bolt
4219-411Camlock Type C; 3-IN
4223-413Camlock Type DC, 4" Al
2223-002-01Cap Assy
5020-774-01Cape, 38-IN Tan
NV2013Cape Cover Band
BU-13VXCape, Nylon 38-IN
2125-000-02Cap Microvalve
5022-400Carbon Monoxide Monitor
7048-117Caster Wheel W/Brake 8-IN
7117-504CGB Connector; 1/2-IN

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