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Axxiom MFG - Surface Preparation

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Part # Description
2490-908Check Valve; Swing 1-1/2-IN
2490-907Check Valve; Swing 1-1/4-IN
2490-905Check Valve; Swing 3/4-IN
5020-881-05Chin Strap
8710-98502Clamp Fitting
7051-101Clearance Light; Amber
7051-100Clearance Light; Red
7007-519Closure Assy 10-IN
7007-519-03Closure O-Ring 10-IN
2229-101-03Coil 12 Vac
2229-100-03Coil, 12V DC
2229-102-03Coil 24 VDC
2223-000-01Combo Cap; 1-1/4-IN
2223-002Combo Valve; 1-1/2-IN L
2223-000Combo Valve 1-1/4"
0001-000Combo Valve Kit Pneumatic
2025-100-04Conduit Outlet Body 1/2-IN
2025-100-03Conduit Outlet Body Cover 1/2-IN
7066-029Control Box; Power Conversion
7066-072Control Box; Power Conversion

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