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Part # Description
37138Clevis; 9/16 Hex With 5/16-18
36337Clevis Bracket; BB Valve Lever
36339Clevis Bracket; JD Valve LEVERSF377
3081Clip; 5HP B&S I/C #131232
3010-5IClip; 5HP B&S Intek Pro
3010-5Clip; 5 HP B&S STD
3010-HClip; 5HP Honda (GX140 & 160)
3010-6TClip; 5HP Honda/Wi (SN 5-18363
3010-5BClip; B&S 5&8 Ind. Plus
3010-4Clip; For All MDL 7'S & MDL-5W
9059-1Clip; For Solid Top Auger Pins;
3010-4HClip; Model 8HP Honda
3010-51Clip, Throttle Linkage
4087Clip; Throttle; Tecumseh
3010-2Clip, Vanguard 5.5HP 7.5HP
3011-MAClutch Bracket Assy.; All 5HP
3011-HMAClutch Bracket Assy.; All 7&8HP
5070-AClutch Bracket Assy; With Guard
5075-AClutch Bracket Assy; With Guard
3011-HDClutch Bracket Assy.; Yanmar

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