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Part # Description
KT002Bushing; SDS 1 W/Cap Screws
KT001Bushing; SDS 3/4 W/ Cap Screws
KT002-2Bushing; SH 1 For KT2400B
KT001-2Bushing; SH 3/4 For 2-Belt
8033Bushing; Short
36431Bushing; Spacer; 1-1/4 X 5/16
35175Bushing; Spacer 7/8-IN
35460Bushing; Throttle WLDMTL
10360Bushing, Torque Arm
36175Bushing; Trunnion #143
36280Bushing; Wheel #349
KT285Bushing; Wheel; Swivel
35316Butt End Connector; 16GA Wire
9053Button Assy; Ghas Incl. Button;
9058-1Button Shield
35233Bypass Control Valve Cartridge
36668Cable Assembly;48-IN Overall Length
6523Cable W/Hook
3006-1Cap, Axle Snap
37165Cap; Filler Breather

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