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Part # Description
9011Bearing; Main Shaft & Pinion;
4024-13Bearing; Outer & Inner; End Assy.
9013Bearing; Pinion Shaft #6203-2RS
36220Bearing; Thrust 1
70149Bearing; Thrust 1-1/4-IN; Fits Old
30262-TNBBearing; Thrust Needle; Eaton Motor
30348-BBearing; Wheel; 3/4-IN Id
KT2001Bed Weldment; Trailer
36500Bell Tool 10-12-IN X 30-IN
KT4-3VX300BBelt; Cogged; V-Belt (3 IN 1)
KT4-3V300BBelt; Powerband V-Belt (3 IN 1)
KT4-3V300Belt; Rubber V
KT4-3VX300Belt; Rubber V Cogged
9023-C12RTBlade; Carbide 12-IN Ripper Teeth
9023-C14RTBlade; Carbide 14-IN W/Ripperteeth
9023-C9RTBlade; Carbide 9-IN Ripper Teeth
KT4-1013Blade Holder
9023-P35Blade; Pengo Style #35 Tooth
9023-P35HSBlade; Pengo Style; Hardsurfaced
36447Block; Gin

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