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Part # Description
9062-HDLAuger Top; D-Series; Large BRL.
9062-H2Auger Top; H D Solid; Large BRL
9062-HAuger Top; Large Barrel 12"-16" Bit
9062-MAuger Top; Medium Duty
9062Auger Top; Small Barrel 4"-10" Bit
37000Axle Assembly
KT2045Axle & Hubs Assembly; 2000# Cap
35115Axle; Rear
37001Axle Weldment
36660Back Stay Bottom
36239Back Stay Foot
36240Back Stay Foot #344
36525Back Stay Foot; XL
36235Back Stay Pivot #340
36662Back Stay Top
KT2411Bar; Actuator Linkage
36653Bar; Anchor

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