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Part # Description
42-36-5261Bearing Cover/5262-21
42-96-0400Bearing Cup
44-66-1575Bearing End Plate
44-66-1141Bearing End Plate Assy
44-66-1147Bearing End Plate Assy
44-66-1725Bearing End Plate Assy
28-72-0035Bearing Holder Assy
34-40-0316Bearing O-Ring
44-66-0220Bearing Plate SVC 5426-21
44-86-0155Bearing Retainer
44-86-0145Bearing Retainer Kit
02-50-5316Bearing Ring; Powder Metal
45-88-1145Bearing Washer 5263-21
43-72-0087Bell Tube
42-70-0008Belt Clip
42-70-2653Belt Clip Assembly/2653-20
42-70-0091Belt Clip Kit
42-70-0497Belt Clip Kit
14-46-2476Belt Clip Kit W Screw
14-46-1901Belt Clip & Screw SVC Kit

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