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Part # Description
10-20-6910Arrow Decal
14-30-0031Assembled Blade Shaft With
42-42-0079Assy; Control BD/Arming Button Serv
44-04-8690Assy; Rear Leg; W/Cost Down Changes
61-60-0450Assy Vacuum Service Fixture
10-20-9000Auto Label
31-06-0220Auxilary Base-Battery Base Front
31-06-0221Auxilary Base-Battery Base Rear
31-21-0237Auxilary Base-Battery Door
42-92-3020Auxilary Base-Top Cover
14-34-0650Auxiliary Handle
10-20-2225Auxiliary Warning Label
31-44-0165Auxilliary Handle Detent
42-62-0125Avs Side Handle
31-15-0235Back Cover Assy
43-52-0011Back Grille (Kit With Screws)
42-36-0175Backing Flange/5263-21
45-88-0985Backing Flange/5263-21
44-52-2000Backing Pad
45-56-0060Backpack Harness Assy W/O Label

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