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Part # Description
260003Clutch Assy Oma-250-H
260016Shaft Input & Clutch Cup Oma-250-H
Part # Description
101559Auger 10"X36", 1-3/8" Hex Hub
553303Auger 10"X36", 7/8" SQ Female Hub
135548Auger 12" W/2" Hex Interlok Hub
101545Auger 12"X36", 1-1/4" Square Hub
101604Auger 12"X42", 1-3/8" Hex Hub
135549Auger 15" W/2" Hex Interlok Hub
135550Auger 18" W/2" Hex Interlok Hub
135551Auger 24" W/2" Hex Interlok Hub
135552Auger 30" W/2" Hex Interlok Hub
135553Auger 36" W/2" Hex Interlok Hub
137293Auger; 4"X36"; 1" Square Hub
101618Auger 6"X36", 1-3/8" Hex Hub
101618-DAAuger 6"X36", 1-3/8" Hex Hub
101371Auger 6"X36", 1" Round Hub
137294Auger; 6"X36"; 1" Square Hub
553298Auger 6"X36", 7/8" SQ Female Hub
101544Auger 8"X36", 1-1/4" Square Hub
101578Auger 8"X36", 1-3/8" Hex Hub

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