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Part # Description
FP26011-1/2-IN X 20' Suction Hose Kit
FP26021-1/2-IN X 25' Discharge Hose Kit
J70-1-P21-1/4-IN Drive Cap #1695 Ind Box
HA51 1/4-IN Male Pipe To Male Garden
J208-2-P21-1/4 X 30 X 36 Drive Well
J11-6-P21/4-IN Drive Coupling
FPW73-19-P218-IN X 22-IN Plastic Sump Basin
TT1001-IN BRZ Tank Tee Package Simer
FPP151321OVERHAUL Kit-FP4332
FPW73-1624-IN X 36-IN Simplex Basin
291025' Power Cord For SS305
FPU212-162-IN Foot Valve
FPW73-17-P22X2 Cover For FPW73-15
FPW73-184-IN Simplex Cover 2 X 2
FP216-13-P24-IN X 1-1/4-IN Well Seal#112
FP216-92-P24-IN X 1-1/4-IN X 1-IN Wellseal#152
FP216-44-INX1-IN Well Seal PKG S.P. #111
FP216-935-IN X 1-1/4-IN X 1-IN Wellsealv
FP216-55-IN X 1-IN Well Seal PKG#121
FP13-439031D X Garden Hose Adapter

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