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Part # Description
203-000-670Hex Bolt Socket
141-028-33Hex Cap Nut
141-030-12Hex Cap Nut
141-030-41Hex Cap Nut
141-034-16Hex. Cap Nut M20
141-004-33Hex Nut
141-006-77Hex. Nut M10
141-009-38Hex. Nut M20
141-003-58Hex, Nut M5
501-024Hex, Nut M8 W/Flange TE2-50/80
A010.050.0150Hex Screw
203-000-650Hex Socket Bolt 8MX20M
140-256-26Hex Socket Cap Screw
032-426-18Hose Coupler
032-214-11Hose Coupling
032-289-17Hose Coupling
C150000250Idle Control Unit
0130100003Idle Switch
1021-004Impellar EPT2-100HA

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