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Part # Description
1001-044Impeller Shim
1001-045Impeller Shim
801038Impeller Shim
040-107-28Impeller Shim 25.2X38X0.3
501-009Impeller TE2-50HA
801-009Impeller TE2-80HA
047-105-14Impeller Thread Cover
183-009-12Imp Puller KTZ110
200-201-200Inner Casing
200 210 510Inner Casing
200210690Inner Casing
200-210-810Inner Casing
521-015Knob Cover Retaining
821-015Knob Cover Retaining
026-238-12Labyrinth Ring
W35-C12329CRW1Lip Seal
T3308AY-AILower Pump Casing
025-214-19Mechanical Seal

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