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Part # Description
608035Size Adjust Dial For 6590
604693Size Adjustment Knob; 6390
600884Size Adjustment Shaft;6590
603575Size Adjustment Shaft; 6790
600883Size Adjustment Shaft Holder
604743Size Adjust Plate
607125Size Adjust Spring Washer
608107Size Plate
604747Size Plate;1/2-3/4; 60112DH
604745Size Plate; 1-2; 60113DH
602123Size Plate;6991 KY22
600887Size Plate Cover; 6590
603578Size Plate Cover; J135
608868Size Plate For 6IN-NPT-DH ;E86
603577Size Plate; J124
606500Size Plate (R-NPT) 7090
608112Size Scale Plate; 6490; E112
608869Size Scale Plate; 6590
603679Size Setting Dial Assy; 6790
604690Size Setting Lever

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