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Part # Description
606723Size Setting Lever A (7991)
606724Size Setting Lever B (7991)
603566Size Setting Lever Holder
608110Size Support A; T032; 6590
608111Size Support B ;T033
008901Slik-Tap; 12 Pack Case
008900Slik-Tap Direct Tap Lubricant
003590Small Ratch-Cut W/Metal Handle
606531Small Scrap Receiver (7991)
601568Snap Ring
908088Snap Ring
603675Snap Ring; 10MM O. D.
606551Snap Ring (7991)
603530Snap Ring (Inside #28)
603666Soc But HD Screw; 6X15
603579Soc HD Cap Screw; 4 IN; J239
603545Soc HD Cap Screw; 5 X 18
604545Soc HD Cap Screw; 5 X 18
603580Soc HD Screw; 3 1/2 IN; J231
603581Soc HD Screw; 3 IN; J241

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