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Port-A-Cool - Ventilation

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Part # Description
MESH-PAC-3436-IN Super Duty Fan Guard Screen
CTRL-VS-0136-IN Var SPD Switch
CASTER-3-L3-IN Locking Caster For Cyclone
CASTER-3-NL3-IN Non-Locking Caster For
CTRL-3SPD-023-SPD Harness W/ Salzer Switch
CTRL-3SPD3-SPD Switch Set-Harness Only
BOX-UL-013-Speed Elec Box
SWITCH-ROT-023 Speed Switch Set
PULLEY-3.2548-IN 60HZ Pulley - 3.25 O.D.
MESH-PAC-0648-IN Fan Guard Screen
VENTURI-48-0248-IN Pac Plastic Venturi
CONN-F-044 Pin Cap Housing
PUMP-0150-1540005 1/70 HP Pump F/16IN
PAD6036/G55/20 24-IN Replacement Pad
CASTERS-HD-6L6-IN HD Locking Swivel Caster
CASTERS-HD-66-IN HD Swivel Caster
PAD6019/226-IN X 22-IN X 19-IN Pad Set
PAD6022.5/266-IN X 26-IN X 22.5-IN Pad Set
CASTERS-8L8-IN Locking Polyolefin Caster
CASTERS-88-IN Non-Lock Polyolefin Caster

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