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Axxiom MFG - Surface Preparation

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Part # Description
2018-011Eductor; Cast Ureth 3-IN
2018-111-01Eductor Nozzle 3-IN 150 CFM Al
2018-211-01Eductor Nozzle 3-IN 225 CFM Al
2018-311-01Eductor Nozzle 3-IN 350 CFM Al
2018-411-01Eductor Nozzle 3-IN 440 CFM Al
2018-511-01Eductor Nozzle 3-IN 550 CFM Al
3003-008Elbow 45; Iron 1-1/2-IN
3000-102Elbow 90; Galv 1/4-IN
3000-007Elbow 90; Iron 1-1/4-IN
3000-006Elbow 90; Iron 1-IN
3008-008Elbow; Street 45 Iron 1-1/2-IN
3006-102Elbow; Street 90 Galv 1/4-IN
3006-106Elbow; Street 90 Galv 1-IN
3006-007Elbow; Street 90 Iron 1-1/4-IN
7109-200Elec Conn; Twist-Lock 2-Prong
7109-300Elec Conn; Twist-Lock 3-Prong
7108-300Elec Plug; 110V 3-Prong
7109-301Elec Plug; Twist Lock 3-Prong
7109-201Elect Plug; Twist-Lock 2-Prong
2229-105Electric Control Valve

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