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Part # Description
45-88-21306.5 Id X 1.5 Od Washer
02-02-01466.5MM Dia. Ball
43-34-02056-IN T1 Inner Flange
44-40-02056-IN T1 Outer Flange
14-46-04066-IN T27 Guard Assy W/Flange Kit
14-32-02256-IN Tooless T1 Guard Assy
14-32-02206-IN Tooless T27 Guard Assy
42-40-00386MM Pressed PM Bushing
02-02-14006MM Steel Ball
02-04-03206 X 19 X 6 Ball Bearing
06-82-74158-16X1-7/8 PH Torx T20&Slot
06-82-74308-16 X 2.125 Pan Plas Torx
05-74-09658-18 Unc X .50 Screw Set PHCS
42-40-00398MM Pressed PM Bushing
02-04-08548X22X7 Ball BRG 2 Se
43-34-090590MM Blade Flange
28-41-00329-IN T27 Wheel Guard Assembly
44-94-0101A380 Connecting Rod
16-10-0025Ac Armature Kit
45-05-0501Accuracy Certificate

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