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Part # Description
23-81-0100Ac/DC Adaptor
16-10-0035Ac/DC Armature Kit
31-44-0785Ac/DC Handle Assembly Kit
18-07-0045Ac/DC Motor Field Kit
31-44-0745Ac Handle Assembly Kit
18-07-0025Ac Motor Field Kit
23-56-0040Actuator Assembly
45-08-0044Actuator Assembly
44-14-0034Actuator Link For 15 Ga
44-14-0035Actuator Link Plate For 16GA
44-66-0235Adaptor Plate
31-05-6001Airflow Guide Plate/6278-20
23-16-0029Al Tube Mounting Base; Tooling
23-70-3350Aluminum Tape
45-88-2430Angle Washer
05-71-0115Antenna Screw
43-84-0200Anti-Splintering Device

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