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Tie Down Engineering - Roofing

Part # Description
12554Capacitor Case Gasket
48476Carriage Assembly Collapsible
48480Carriage Assembly Only
64001Carriage Assy For LH400
10804Carriage Bolt 3/8-IN-16 X 1-IN 4
10916Carriage Bolt 3/8-INX1.5 Full
48483Carriage Cross Support 2
90029Carriage Flange Bearing Wheel Kit
48504Carriage Flap
48527Carriage Flap
48501Carriage Frame
48520Carriage Frame
48536Carriage Guide Wheels
40609-2ACarriage Stop Assembly Bracket
60400Carriage; Top Cap And Base Section
48481Carriage Weldment 1
90040Carriage Wheel Kit, Two Wheels &
48358Carrige Stop Roller
48554Clip Stop
48500AAComplete Base Kit Without Motor

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