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Tie Down Engineering - Roofing

Part # Description
40609-3LSpring Bracket Left
40609-3RSpring Bracket Right
10054Spring Compression 2-IN
90052Stabilizer Hardware Kit
90007Strap Brake Kit
48484Support Tube 1
40610ATop Cap Assy
48482Top Carriage Support Bar 2
48526Top Ladder Cap
48526ATop Ladder Cap Complete With Sheave
10079Top Pulley
40609-1LTrack Brace Left
40609-1RTrack Brace Right
48486Tube Cap 2
48581-3Wall Jack Foot
17545Wall Side Plastic Hand Cover
48581-7Wall Stop Adjustable
48581-8Wall Stop Handle
10113Wall Stop Spring
12107Washer Flat 1/2-IN

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