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Tie Down Engineering - Roofing

Part # Description
48503-7LRight Carriage Lock Down 1
48503-7RRight Carriage Lock Down Bar 1
48487Right Carriage Stop 1
48561Right Carriage Stop Brake Bracket 1
48485LRoll/Plywood Holder; Left 1
48485RRoll/Plywood Holder; Right 1
60660Roof Bracket (12/PK)
13832Roof Ripper Replacement Blade
48563Rung Protectors 2
45005Saddle Block
10096Safety Shoes Includes Nuts And
10057Screw Collar 5/8-INX1-1/8X1/2X1/4 2
90001Screw Collar Kit (2 PCS)
12548Seal, Input
12549Seal, Output
48509Shaft, Cable Drum
90022Sheave Kit
48519Shim, Guide
13807Shingle Shaper- Shingle Cutter
90025Splice Plate W/Hardware Kit Sold IN

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