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Part # Description
8480551-3/4-IN-5 Bolt Dies For Universal
9040681-3/8 Cutter For 1-1/2 Di Tap
8480451-3/8-IN-6 Bolt Dies For Universal
00061213-IN Blade Only
00061313-IN Teflon Coated Blade Only
9080951/4-20 X 1/4 SS Set Screw
0604001/4 - 3/8 BSPT Dies
0604101/4 - 3/8 BSPT Dies;6991/6992
0602001/4-3/8 NPT Dies;6890/6090-601
0602131/4 & 3/8 SS NPT Dies For 7991
8379501/4-IN 12R Style Dies NPSM
8378151/4-IN 12R Style Dies NPT
8375601/4-IN 12R Style Drop Head With
8479851/4-IN-20 Bolt Dies For Universal
8478301/4-IN-3/8-IN NPSM Pipe Dies
8477401/4-IN-3/8-IN NPT Dies For
8477801/4-IN-3/8-IN SS-NPT Dies Universal
00481414-IN Aluminum Off Set Pipe Wrench
00441414-IN Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench
00871414 IN Aluminum Valve Wheel Wrench

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