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Port-A-Cool - Ventilation

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Part # Description
CLAMP-031 1/4-IN Worm Gear Clamp
FAN-ACC-071/2 H.P. D/D 1-Speed Motor;
VALVE-011/2-IN Gate Valve Black Handle
WIRE-ACC-1212-IN Ground Wire Assy.
HOSE-FM201/2-IN X 20-IN Male/Female Hose;
HOSE-FF1/2-IN X 24-IN Fem/Fem Hose Inlet
HOSE-FM1/2-IN X 2' Male/Female Hose -
HOSE-FF301/2-IN X 30-IN Female/Female Hose
HOSE-FM301/2-IN X 30-IN Female/Male Hose -
HOSE-FF-311/2-IN X 31-IN Female/Female Hose -
HOSE-FF351/2-IN X 35-IN Female/Female Hose
HOSE-FF31/2-IN X 3' Female/Female Hose
HOSE-FF451/2-IN X 45-IN Female/Female Hose -
HOSE-FF501/2-IN X 50-IN Female/Female Hose -
HOSE-FF571/2-IN X 57-IN Female/Female Hose -
HOSE-FF61/2-IN X 6' Female/Female Hose
HOSE-F91/2-IN X 9-IN Single Female -
BOX-UL-021 & 2-Speed Elec Box
PARPMP01410A1/40HP Pump 115V60HZ For 16-Infc
PUMP-016-4Z1/4 HP Zoeller Submersible Pump

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