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Axxiom MFG - Surface Preparation

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Part # Description
2025-100Abra Cut-Off Elect Junction Box
2035-111-01Abra Cutoff Small 1-110' 12VDC
2035-101Abra Cutoff Small 1-55' 12VDC
2035-001-01Abra Cutoff Small 1-55' Field Kit
2035-000Abra Cutoff Small 1-55' Pneu
2025-100-02Abra Cutoff Switch (Elec)
8403-000-54Adder; Tvii Cleanout Ball Valve
BU-88BXTGAdustment, Hood Suspension
2302-208-50Air Filter; 1-1/2-IN50U MB/SG/MD
2302-207-50Air Filter; 1-1/4-IN 50U MB/SG/MD
2302-204-50Air Filter, 1/2" 40U Metal
2302-102-05Air Filter, 1/4" Su MB/Admetal
2302-306-50Air Filter; 1-IN 50U MB/SG/MD
2302-206-05Air Filter; 1-IN 5U MB/SG/MD
4102-006Air Hose 1IN Sold By The Foot
NV2006-7Air Inlet Assembly
BUAGLDTR2Airline Filter Assembly Gladiator
BU-41P2Airline Filter Assembly Series 41
NV-AFC100Airline Filter Repl Cartridge -
NV-APF3100Airline Filter Repl Cartridge -

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