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Axxiom MFG - Surface Preparation

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Part # Description
1300-160-03AAir Motor
1300-040-03Air Motor; 250/400/750 Radiator
1300-090-03Air Motor; 950 Radiator
5020-771-09Air Plenum
2003-004Air Regulator
BU469650Air Supply Hose 50FT V10 W/Quick
BU469550Air Supply Hose 50' V10 W/Quick
5020-771-024Air Supply Hose Kit 25'
NV2029Air Supply Hose W/QD FTNGS 50'
7110-024Alligator Clip
7003-120-01Angle Flange Gasket; 20-IN
7003-108-01Angle Flange Gasket; 8-IN
2430-804Angle Valve; 1/4-IN
2123-105Auto Air Valve; 3/4-IN N/C
2123-109Auto Air Valve Assy; N/C 2-IN
2123-108Auto Air Valve; N/C - 1 1/2-IN
2123-108LAuto Air Valve; NC; 1-1/2-IN
2123-107Auto Air Valve; N/C 1-1/4-IN
2123-106Auto Air Valve; N/C 1-IN
2123-008Auto Air Valve; N/O - 1 1/2-IN

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