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Part # Description
9023-S42 Ea Cap Screw 1/4X7/8 W/Kep Nu
9027-8S2 Ea Cap Screw 3/8X1 1/4 W/Nylo
9027-72 Ea Cap Screw 3/8 X 1 W/Kep Nu
9023-S122 Ea Cap Screw 5/16X1 1/4 W/Kep
9023-S162 Ea Cap Screw 5/16X1 W/Kep Nut
9020-TT2MH2 Man Handle Assy.; Models 5 &
B-44-IN Bucket Auger Assy.; W/ 3FT
9067-44-IN Bucket Auger Bottom
B-66-IN Bucket Auger Assy.; W/ 3FT
9067-66-IN Bucket Auger Bottom
80116-IN Hollow Stem Auger Retrieval
9062-T8-IN Auger Tee Standard
B-88-IN Bucket Auger Assy.; W/ 3FT
9067-88-IN Bucket Auger Bottom
7030490 Degree Elbow Fitting
KT007Actuator; 12-IN Complete F/KT200
KT007-WBActuator; 12-IN W/Mountng Bracket
KT045Actuator 8" F/KT1200 & KT2400
KT045-WBActuator; 8-IN W/Mountng Bracket

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