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Part # Description
9051-GENAdapter, 1-1/4"SQ Male TO1"RND Male
37187Adapter; 1-3/8" Hex Little Beaver
37187-GHAdapter; 1" Round To Ground Hog
35588Adapter; 6400-8-10-O
9052-STANAdaptor; 1-1/4-IN Hex To 1-1/2-IN
9051-FM8LBAdaptor;1-1/4-IN SQ Pin To 1-1/8-IN
9051-FMLBAdaptor; 1-1/4-IN SQ To 13/16-IN HX
9051-DRHXAdaptor; 1/2-IN Drill To 9/16 Hex
9051-DCLBAdaptor; 1/2-IN Drill To Snap-On
9052-GENGHAdaptor; 1-3/8" Hex To A 7/8" SQ.
9052-GENHDAdaptor; 1-3/8-Infem Hex X 1-1/4FEM
9051-FM8HAdaptor;1-IN Shaft To 1-1/8 Hex Box
36403Adaptor; 45 Degree; BB Torque Tube
9051-FMGHAdaptor; 7/8-IN SQ Pin To 1-1/8-IN
37155Adaptor; 9/16 X 3/4 Sae O-Ring
9051-AALBAdaptor; Auto Auger Drill To
36386Adaptor Bore; 1-1/4-IN Id Slug
9064-HDAdaptor; Bucket Auger; 1-IN; W/S &
9064Adaptor; Bucket Auger; 3/4-IN; W/S&
9064-HDFAdaptor; Bucket Auger; Female 1-IN

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