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Part # Description
42-66-02101/2-IN Capacity Chuck/2604-20
48-66-13561/2-IN Chuck/5375-20
42-06-01311/2-IN Extended Htiw FR Anvil
10-37-00451/2 Ton Decal
02-04-120712X28X8 Ball BRG 1 Se
06-83-27121/4-28X3/16 Set Screw
06-83-27391/4-28X3/8 Set Screw
42-06-00821/4 Anvil
42-06-26531/4 Hex Anvil/2653-20
42-06-00891/4-IN Anvil
49-62-200514-IN Scabbard
14-46-04401/4-IN Turn Bolt Kit
14-30-04461/4-IN Yoke/Gearcase Service
45-04-06451/4 X 20 Unc Screw
05-74-20001/4 X 3/4 Screw
28-25-001415T Clevis Ass`Y Kit With
42-14-001815T Crimper Bladder Assembly Kit
43-06-001915T Crimper Burst Disk Ass`Y Kit
31-44-014115T Handle Housing Ass`Y Kit With
28-25-001215T Head Ass`Y Kit With

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