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Part # Description
45-76-001315T Manifold Ass`Y Without Valves
14-20-012115T Pcba Ass`Y Kit With
31-94-001615T Release Valve Ass'Y Kit With
14-12-010816 Ga. Cylinder Ass'Y
44-94-005216 Ga Drive Post
42-26-002618-IN Blade Assembly
49-62-011518-IN Blade Sheath
42-77-04001/8 IN Collet
50-32-0215#1 Combo-#2 Combo DBL End Bit
50-32-0205#1 PH-3/16-IN SLT DBL End Bit
32-65-00061st Ring Gear; DP=44; Z=42
10-37-00551 Ton Decal
14-74-0125200FT Small Reel Base Service Kit
43-11-0038200FT Small Reel Drum Service Kit
14-34-0182200FT SM Reel Tele-Handle SVC Kit
45-76-090020 OZ Aluminum Barrel
45-76-092520 OZ Clear Barrel
31-01-839220 OZ Packout Tumbler Lid Assy
02-04-031520 X 32 X 7 Ball Bearing
16-04-0055230V Armature Assembly

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