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Part # Description
16-04-0180230V Armature Assy
16-04-0185230V Armature Assy
22-20-6538230V Brush Tube Assy/6538-51
22-16-0070230V Carbon Brush Assy
14-20-1105230V DSC Sawzall Pcba
18-04-0185230V Field Assy
18-04-2215230V Field Assy
18-04-2220230V HP Field Assy
22-22-0095230V Service Brush Tube Assy
06-65-13902.5 Dia X 22MM Pin
02-02-01112.5MM Ball
42-96-002325 MM Tooless Skid Service Kit
14-46-01962912 Service Kit
44-34-00652KG Motor Mount; Alt
42-46-00112nd Carrier; FN0205-155HT
36-66-40132nd Intermediate Shaft
32-75-20522nd Intermediate Spindle Gear
32-65-02202nd Ring Gear; M=0.65; Z=40
50-32-0200#2 PH-1/4-IN SLT DBL End Bit
10-37-00652 Ton Decal

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